Shoot Your Pet

Great! You've decided to go for it!

Together we're going to make a gorgeous 

masterpiece of your pet. But first, we have to do a photo shoot and collect some lovely pictures of your beloved pet.


Let's have some fun!


Time for a photoshoot

1. Before we start, check the settings of your camera or smartphone and set them to the highest standard. We really need high resolution photos to work with. If you're shooting with an SLR camera you can send us the RAW pictures.

(Ex. smartphone; Samsung A7 (24M) - 5664x4248 pixels)

2.Try to take your pictures in daylight lighting. This will give you the best, most natural look.

Place your pet outside, or at least near a window but be careful; if you place your pet directly in front of the window, the backlight will turn your pet dark. So don't take your picture towards the window, but rather sideways from it.


3. It'll be easier if you have a partner in crime to assist you.

One person can take the picture and the other one can catch the attention of your pet with a toy or snack. Hold the distraction right above your smartphone and your pet will be slightly looking upwards, which always looks cute. If you can, try to photograph your darling in front of a plain, neutral background.


4. Just a few final things to take into account.

Keep your camera or smartphone at eye-level, don't take pictures from your pet from an unnatural angle. He or she can look directly at the camera if you please, or your pet can look slightly away. Please don't use filters, avoid your smartphone flash and always make sure your picture is sharp when you send it through.

Most of all, be very patient and don't forget to cuddle your beloved pet afterwards.