This is were we custom design your pet

Below is an order form where you can tell me all about your pet, with room for specifications and requests. Once it is sent, I'll contact you so we can exchange ideas and find the best way to design your personal pet portrait. I put out some former designs to inspire you and show available options.

Careful, colours may vary slightly depending on your screen quality.

You can check the prices for the canvasses here. 



Pippa is a little busy bee. According to her meow-ther she spends most of her days gazing at a nearby aviary dreaming of the pretty birds inside.

We've translated this visually by placing her in a bush, eagerly waiting.


Suki is designed for a wedding occasion. She is mother's little princess, so we dressed her up to be the maid of honour. The married couple was happily surprised when they received their little girl on a personalised coffee cup.


Raphaël is my own tomcat. This blue-eyed boy is a Holy Birman and has his own pedigree. I have dressed him up as a real Aristocat, with a feathered hat to finish it off. He really loves feathers, you see. 


Clara and Willy form a double portrait of a mother and her son. They have such an intense bond that it needed to be recorded and what better way to capture them than in a Chouchouke design?


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You will be contacted by mail and asked to pay a small deposit of €60 once everything else is settled. This deposit is included in the overal price and covers the production of a rough sketch. This sketch leaves room for you to comment, so you may fully approve of the design. Finally, you pay the remaining amount of the price and I finish and send you the design.


Haute Couture uploadzone

You sent an order for a personal Haute Couture Chouchouke design? Great!

Now there is just one step left for you to complete. Upload 2 to 3 quality pictures of your pet that we can work with. Don't have any pictures yet? Just follow this link to our tips&tricks for making good pet pictures.

*Please note that some outdated browsers won't upload pictures. If this is the case, just send us a mail or try a different browser.

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