Do you only work with cats and dogs?

No, we also work with other pets. Cats and dogs are just more common. Henry, for example is a lovely little chicken who's totally rocking this tote bag.

How do I know if my picture is good enough to upload?

First of all, if you haven't started photographing your pet yet, you can check out our Tips and Tricks. We really need high quality photos, taken in good lighting! If you already have pictures on your computer, try to check their quality. In Apple you control click on "Get Info", in Windows you rightclick "properties". Check how big your file is; it should contain enough pixels (minimum 2500x2500px). Please don't upload any KB files to us, they are far too small to work with. On your smartphone, set your settings to the best quality. An example of a good picture: Samsung A7 phone - (24 MP) 5664x4248 pixels. Now only make sure the picture is taken in natural lighting (no flash/indoor lamps/weird colored lighting). If a picture is taken in the dark you will see a grain over it, that can't be removed, so the picture can't be used. A good photograph is vital for a good quality Chouchouke!

How do you make a Chouchouke?

When two Chouchoukes love each other very much... No, haha. We've gathered a stock of high quality files to use as backgrounds. We download your uploaded pet and start selecting and adjusting it using Adobe Photoshop. We make sure the color schemes and lighting match each other so that your Chouchouke looks his/her best. Take a look at the make-over page to see the 'before and after's of a few chouchoukes. When we're satisfied with the design, depending on what you've selected, we prepare it to be shipped.

How much does it cost?

Our prices are the accumulated sum of the working hours to design your Chouchouke, the medium it is printed on and the shipping costs (if your adress requires a shipping fee). For more info click here.

Can I only buy a canvas?

No, there are other options: At The Chouchoukes Classic you can choose between a (framed) canvas or a digital file. In The Chouchoukes Store we work with existing, not custom designed, pets. There you can buy canvasses and/or gadgets. The canvasses are top quality, can be ordered with or without a frame and have a suspension system included. For an example click here.

How long will it take to ship?

All canvasses require 10 workdays to be shipped to Belgium or The Netherlands.


Cancellation is possible within 24 hours after order placement. Send us a mail at dechouchoukes@proximus.be .

The Chouchoukes is not responsible for damage inflicted upon the orders during their delivery process by post.

It is not possible to provide an exact delivery date, however we try to always have the portraits ready within a reasonable amount of time. In case of any short delay, this does not give customer the right for compensation or price reduction, nor for a cancellation of the order.

The customer agrees that his/her design can be included in the company’s portfolio (possibly mentioned with the pet’s name) and used as potential marketing material on the website and or social media, unless explicitly requested otherwise in writing by the customer.

The Chouchoukes guarantees that any delivered design is of its own creation. We apply as the creator in the sense of the Copyright Act and as a copyright holder can therefore always dispose of the work.

Agreements made with The Chouchoukes apply to the Belgian law and any dispute will be settled by the competent court of Leuven.

All prices mentioned are VAT (21%) included.


All canvasses require 10 workingdays to be delivered for Belgium and the Netherlands. These are estimated delivery schedules and can vary depending on circumstances.

Depending on your country (not Belgium or The Netherlands) we may have to charge an extra fee for the shipment:

The shipment fee for France and Germany amounts to 16,40€ for canvasses.